This one started out as an epicurious recipe that veered off course.

First, epicurious.  Seriously.  Use whole wheat spaghetti.  It’s better for you.  I heard a guy on NPR the other day saying that if you cook pasta “al dente” like the Italians do it’s better for you as it slows down the glycemic index because it takes longer to digest.  Of course whole wheat pasta one ups that theory, so said the speaker in not so many words.  As Americans we don’t cook pasta “al dente” we cook the holy hell out of it.  And we make too much of it.

The recipe called for Gaeta olives, but I couldn’t remember what it called for at Whole Foods so I went for the Cerignolas.  Certainly a difference in flavor but to me, it barely matters.  I love olives.

I got some whole wheat pasta, not too much and cooked it up “al dente”, which is pretty hard to miss on whole wheat pasta, it takes a lot longer to cook.

Meanwhile, I chopped up some shallot, the olives, some pine nuts and some capers, with a heavy knife.  I forgot to buy parsley.

2012-12-31 19.25.05

The original recipe calls for adding the olive oil to the olive salsa and tossing in the spaghetti.  I wanted to scent the oil so I warmed the oil in a cast iron fry pan, added the salsa, tossed it once and pulled it out.  You could smell all of the flavors getting into the oil.  I tossed that into the drained pasta and served.

Epicurious says this should take 30 minutes to prepare.  I guess if you count the amount of time it takes to go to the grocery store and wash the dishes.  This one is 10 minutes soup to nuts.  And delish!

2012-12-31 19.45.49


Served with a Yule Smith, Imperial red ale.  Nice and nutty, perfect for a cold winter night.