I made some Ratatouille from the Forks Over Knives cookbook.  It came out really nice, great flavors.  I live alone so when I make something, it becomes dinner or lunch for several meals.

First night I put it over some whole wheat penne.  Very good.  Second night, whole wheat spaghetti.  Same result.  Third night, I thought, “hey!  Let’s put this on some gnocchi!”, which became, let’s pan fry the gnocchi and give it a little crunch.  Epic fail.  The gnocchi was a bad idea in the first place.  It did not have the chops to stand up to the ratatouille.  The gnocchi was lost in the flavors and textures of the ratatouille.  All that was left was a soggy non-crunch.

So when you screw up dinner at an epic level, there is only one thing left to do.  Hit the wine cellar!  It was time to play cellar roulette.  I yanked out a Hahn Winery 2009 Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon.  My theory: with enough wine, culinary SNAFU’s are just a minor bump in the road.

Hahn is doing some really great things right now.  This one was a mouthful.  Ripe dark fruit, coffee and spice on the back palette.  Light tannins for a gentle finish.  Unlike the gnocchi, it stood up to the ratatouille.  It is a solid offering from Hahn and did very well the rest of the cold winter’s evening here at The Farm.