I like playing with the same thing over and over again to see what I end up with.  February’s toy was butternut squash.  It spent a lot of time in a lot of different things, but it ended up in the soup.  Butternut squash and pear soup.

This one was a sweetheart to put together.  I got the recipe from The Vegan Road.  I’m not going to retype their recipe and then give them credit.  The recipe is over here, go check it out.  I used a immersion blender.  I think throwing it in the real blender or a food processor would have been a better idea.  Still, it was delish!  I might take it easy on the cumin in the future, maybe even trading that out for some allspice, but all and all a very fine soup.

How do you make a great soup better?  Bake your own bread silly!  I use King Arthur’s recipe but I don’t add the dry milk.  Never had, just works out nicely on this vegan thing.  You can basically use just about anything for the fat and anything for the sugar in this bread.  I prefer olive oil and maple syrup.

2013-02-10 20.15.20

I served this up with a 21st Amendment Sneak Attack Saison.  This is a nice winter brew where you can taste the cardamom.  A big spicy Saison and a perfect pairing.  Because I don’t always have to drink wine, sometimes when I’m thirsty I drink a really nice brew.