This is the story of my adventures in veganism.

I was at a real estate seminar where Brian Buffini suggested that we see “Forks over Knives” and “Fat,  Sick and Nearly Dead“.  He also suggested reading “Thrive“.   The thing about Brian is he’s always in front of the pack, leading.  He is married to a former Olympian.  Their children are achieving at a very high level right now.  A daughter is doing very well in dressage and a son walked on at SMU.  If their family was doing some of these things, maybe it might work for this powerlifter.

When I saw people who identified as “vegan” it wasn’t me.  I saw those people as not very together, victims, incapable of making a difference in the world.  I saw hippie boys who couldn’t get out of their own way and judgmental self important separatist lesbians.  I have been reluctant to head down this road, primarily because I didn’t think what I was seeing when I saw a vegan fit who I am.  Brian was neither.  I am neither.  Maybe it was time for a re-evaluation.

I’ve been bothered by the idea of slaughter for food stuff, but I see it as a necessary evil.  I am a dog rescuer, so animal suffering is very important too me.  Yet, I am also a powerlifter and protein is a necessity in my sport.  Or so I thought.

After seeing the movies and reading Thrive, I didn’t see myself as having a choice.  The problem was I couldn’t eat food that tasted like ass.  Couldn’t do it.  I am a foodie.  Then I stumbled on “Vegan Cooking for Carnivores“.  Portia de Rossi’s foreword brought it all home for me.  I’ve always been critical of vegetarian food made to mimic meat.  My feeling was always shut up and eat meat then.  This stuff is different.  And it’s flavorful.  And pretty on the plate.  And good for me.

So it begins.  My adventures in veganism. Don’t expect me to be strict.  Won’t happen.

But I will not go quietly into the night.  A lot of vegans don’t or won’t drink.  I can’t see myself giving up beer or wine.  The thing is, the only mass produced beer I drink is Heineken.  I like it.  Always have.  I know how they make it, I went to the factory as sort of a pilgrimage.  They took such good care of us that I have repaid the favor over the years.  After that, I drink craft brew.  There will be posts about craft brew.  And I am a wino.  A big time wino.  There will be plenty of posts about the amazing wine I run in to in my adventures.

So put your seats into the full upright position, fasten your safety belts and kiss your ass goodbye.  Let’s have some fun!


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